Street Team Studios is a production supply rental company based in Brooklyn, NY. They not only have an incredible inventory of supplies at excellent rates but also an amazing and professional staff who value working relationships. They test all of their gear to guarantee functionality and take great pride in getting your orders in and out quickly and professionally. Aside from renting production supplies they are also available for hire to take on any production services you may require such as:
    •    Bidding & Budgeting
    •    Craft Services
    •    Crew Hire & Production Staff
    •    Equipment & Vehicles Rental
    •    Location Protection & Management
    •    Location Scouting & Stage/Studio Rental
    •    Payroll & Insurance
    •    Producing & Project Management
    •    Talent Casting
    •    Trash Removal & Pick-up
    •    Travel Booking
    •    Creative Services: Treatments, Scripts, DP’s, and Directors
They truly are a one stop shop. Be sure to check them out!
These are absolutely essential for our takeoff/landing zones
This, ladies and gentlmen, is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
wifi jetpack anyone?
Car inverter = lifesaver when you're on location
When you're trying to be 733+, a proper survellience is key
On set communication for all.
The Street Team Whip. A perfect ride for your production needs.
Walkie-Talkies. Lots of them with amazing package options. #getsome
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