Emma Pouech is a dancer and a chase car driver based in Lincoln, VT. This piece is about the connection of her two passions within the concept of movement.
Special thanks to Emgee Events, and Spotlight Vermont!
Cinematographer, Editor - Daniel Jusino
Producer, Editor - Lizette Gesuden
Drone Operator, Production Sound - Alex Jusino
Emma getting ready to get in some practice runs.
Emma chasing Emily Pross, one of the fastest longboarders to date!
Dan trying to steal some tight shots of Emma in her Mini.
Emma's attitude after a long day of driving summed up in one big smile. :)
Here's where the magic happens!
Sage Pod the Dane gettin her skateboard practice in with her Dad, Tom.
Tom Wilson: Epic Skater, Fiance to Emma Pouech, and Dad of Sage Pod the Dog.
Emma's mini ready to rock with the chase cam rig and go pro rigs!
Emma takes a quick love break between chase runs.
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