We teamed up with hand painted ad company, Colossal Media to document the making of an ad for the "Roy Lichtenstein, Red and White Brushstrokes" painting that was to be auctioned at Christie's NYC.
Dan Jusino - Cinematographer, Editor
Lizette Gesuden - Camera Op
Alex Jusino - Drone Operator

Riggers set all the safeties, ropes, and everything else before the painters begin.
Looking up from the bottom!
The artwork going up on the wall for this project.
"Wall dog" Niko making sure our gopro cam was working!
The landscape at the Christie's wall.
Dan getting some overheadshots of Niko
Dan's up there hanging out with painters Elio and Niko
detail screen shot showing the tool these guys were using while painting the dots.
Alex Jusino and Dan Jusino grabbing our drone shots of the finished wall.
Lizette Gesuden switching up shots with her camera.
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