This is an excerpt from the "Supersonic Science Thunder and Lightning Rap" video  for the updated Noggin app. The video above is just a cutdown from the full music video and explains what really goes down when a thundercloud decides to roll into town.
I had the opportunity to work on this project as the stop motion DP under the direction of the folks at Houses in Motion. You can read all about this project and check out more stuff from this amazing  creative squad at .
*The entire video piece is ONLY available on the recently redesigned Noggin App.
Director: John Earle
Design: John Earle
Fabrication: Taili Wu, Maxwell Sorensen, Katie Falk, Tim McDonald
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging: Maxwell Sorensen, Taili Wu
2D Animation: Andres Kwon, Katie Falk
Composite: Brad Walter, John Earle, Katie Falk, Alex Trimpe 
DP: Dan Jusino
Edit: John Earle
Storyboards: Carlos Ancalmo
BTS Photos: Seth Pomerantz

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