This project was a blast! I was brought on to procure music and to create an original sound design for a Tron inspired 30 second TV commercial spot, "Delivering More to the Grid" for independent energy supplier, Octopus Energy. As a person who grew up with the movie "Tron" and "Tron" inspired video games (Intelevision), I really had a great time putting together a sound that helped bring the main subject to life as an Octopus Lightcycle in an energy grid!
Post Production: Houses In Motion
Direction: John Earle
Producer: Gianna Orzo
Modeling: Alex Trimpe, Nick Schowner
Animation: Alex Trimpe, Nick Schowner
Sound Design: Daniel R Jusino
Broadcast Version by Stephen "Explosion Robinson" Hermann.
Broadcast version can be found on the octopus energy Vimeo page

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