This is an explainer video created to introduce Yieldstreet and the
services their company provides. The creative was put together and produced by
the folks over at Houses in Motion and is a combination of Stop-Motion, CGI, 2D
Animation, and motion graphics.  I had the opportunity to come in on the project
as the Cinematographer for the stop motion animation section. It was a great time.
Be sure to check out Houses in Motion at . They make
awesome stuff!
Director/Producer - John Earle
Deisgn - John Earle, Alex Trimpe
Art Dept - Junko Shimizu, Alice Langlois
Animation & Composition- Brad Walter, Alex Trimpe, Alice Langlois
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging - Maxwell Sorensen
Cinematographer - Daniel R Jusino
Maxwell on his block animation game.
Our handmade computers look amazing.
lighting set up for the Stop Motion section.
Junko builds props while Maxwell tests his animation rig!
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