Scholastic book fairs were always one of the most exciting events that I used to look forward to as a kid. When I was in school and went to the fairs I couldn't wait to get my hands on the latest Calvin and Hobbes books and Lamborghini posters. As an adult I had the opportunity to pay those experiences forward and create a sound design for this animated video (created by Houses in Motion) It was a blast! Each scene had their own unique animations which allowed for a great variety of sound effects and soundscapes to help bring them to life. This project brought back the love and memories I had for the book fairs when I was in school and it was a great pleasure to work on.

Post Production: Houses In Motion
Direction: John Earle
Producer: Gianna Orzo
Modeling: Alex Trimpe, Nick Schowner
Animation: Alex Trimpe, Nick Schowner
Illustration: Caroline Duffy, Michelle Romo
Sound Design: Daniel R Jusino
Original Score and Audio Mix: Zak Engel
2d Characters supplied by Scholastic
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