Scholastic book fairs were always one of the most exciting events that I used to look forward to as a kid in school. When I would attend the fairs I couldn't wait to get my hands on the latest Calvin and Hobbes books and Lamborghini posters.
As an adult I had the opportunity to pay those experiences forward by creating sound designs for an animated hype video as well as various animated book trailers for Scholastic.
Each video had their own unique animations which allowed for a great variety of sound effects and soundscapes to help bring them to life. Working with Scholastic brought back the love and memories I had for the book fairs when I was in school and these projects were a great pleasure to work on. Above is the hype video and below are some of my favorite picks from the multitude of trailers that I've worked on over the past few years.
 You can see more book trailers at
Post Production and Animation: Houses In Motion
Direction: John Earle
Producer: Gianna Orzo
Modeling (Hype Video): Alex Trimpe, Nick Schowner
Animation (Hype Video): Alex Trimpe, Nick Schowner
Illustration (Hype Video): Caroline Duffy, Michelle Romo
Sound Design: Daniel R Jusino
Original Score and Audio Mix (Hype Video): Zak Engel
2d Characters supplied by Scholastic (HypeVideo)
VO - Lotas Productions

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