This project was a weird one! I worked with the folks over at Houses in Motion to help bring to
life a series of polaroids for the oxygen network show ""Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks".
Oxygen provided the actual photos from Dahmer’s apartment and the mug shots while
Houses in Motion came up with the creative to design a collage of polaroids to create a
portrait of the killer. The art department worked on the polaroids to make them look as if they
were just picked up from Dahmer’s bedroom floor. For that they got real film, grunged them
up with dirt, burns, and fake blood and even exposed them to get the classic imperfections
you often see around the edges. From there, we shot 1° rotations of over a dozen blank
photos. These could then be composited into the scene with the archival photos tracked
infor a wild result!
Director/Producer - John Earle
Design - John Earle
Art Dept - Dalane Mason
Animation & Composite - Brad Walter, Peter Fink
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging Maxwell Sorensen
Cinematographer - Daniel R Jusino
Be Sure to check out Houses in Motion at for more awesome work!
Photos on their spinner rigs!
How about that grunge detail...
Maxwell Sorenson animating away with his awesome rig.
Maxwell thinking about his life...
gruesome photoscape part 1
Dan likes to bury Maxwell in tungsten lights so he doesn't get cold. haha!
Here's a shot of Dan getting started on his lighting!
gruesome photoscape part 2.
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