I had the privilege of working as an editor on this awesome project which can be called the "origin story" for the latest and greatest, "Mecha Builders" from Sesame Street. Mecha Builders is a show on HBOMax that takes place in an alternate universe where Elmo, Cookie, and Abby Cadabby are mechanical robots that use their special abilities to help out a small town. The CGI style of the show is pretty different from the familiar live action show that most people know of so the goal was to create a story that showed how these worlds are connected. 
While working with post production boutique, Houses in Motion, I edited together old archival footage of the show along with various sequences from the current  Mecha Builders show to set up timing and the overall pacing. From there, the designers  put together models and created awesome animations to bring the characters and environments to life. Original music and a dope sound design was added to bring all of the elements together in an awesome yip-yip martian adventure. 
Director - John Earle
Design - Nick Schoener, John Earle
Animation - Nick Schoener, John Earle
Editor - Daniel R Jusino
Original Music - Zak Engel
Sound Design & Mix - Explosion Robinson
VO Casting - Explosion Robinson

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