For this web series I had the opportunity to work with Post house and design boutique, Houses in Motion, when they collaborated with writer-director Jenn Shaw to produce an 8-episode series on Fantasy Worldbuilding for publishing company Harper Collins. The series featured esteemed author interviews edited down with visuals that enhance and expand upon the author's words. Hand-drawn graphics emphasize the author's points on screen, while full screen graphics with paper-craft and stylized CGI provide further explanation. Both approaches retain a tactile feel with hand-drawn typography and paper-craft elements, which are later photographed and brought into the computer for manipulation and animation. The goal was to capture the creative process's messiness and reflect how stories are built up piece by piece.  My job was to put together the interviews based on paper cuts, help time and place the animations that were created, and throw together a sound design to help blend everything together. It was a lot of fun. 
The video above is a mashup of some of my favorite parts of the series.  
If you'd like to watch the whole series you can see it posted on the Harper Collins Facebook Reads page here ----> 
Director- John Earle
Design & Animation - Alex Trimpe, Caroline Duffy, Katie Falk, Julie Morris, John Earle
Fabrication - Katie Falk, Caroline Duffy, John Earle
Edit & Sound Design - Daniel R Jusino
Copywriter - Gianna Orzo
Audio Mix - Explosion Robinson
Series Producer - Jennifer Shaw

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