I had the honor of working with Houses in Motion to create some parts for a video highlighting their 7th year birthday! They're a Brooklyn based design and animation studio that specializes in everything and anything Post. If it's animation, compositing, visual effects and design, these folks know how to deliver. For this project in particular, I got to light and shoot the live action and stop motion elements while all of the 3D animations were put together by the talented folks at the studio. Be sure to check them out to watch some dope creative work or to consider them for your post house needs!  www.housesinmotion.tv
Creative Director: John Earle
Design and Animation: John Earle, Alex Trimpe, Katie Falk
Stop Motion Animation & Rigging: Katie Falk, John Earle
Puppeteers: Alex Trimpe, Katie Falk, John Earle, Dan Jusino
Live Action Cinematographer: Dan Jusino
Sound Design and Original Music: Explosion Robinson
These guys are ready to rock!
All the puppets lined up for their hair and make up.
John Earle's epic fabrication for the stop motion 7 element!
#7 had one heck of a party.
John Earle, Dan Jusino, and Katie Falke making puppet mayhem!
Alex Trimpe: Epic 3d and Animation artist, Balloon wrangler.
Dan's c100 rocking the ol 40mm Pancake!
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