A paranoid schizophrenic struggles to control the voices in his head. On the verge of another disturbing breakdown, a friendly neighbor invites him over, unaware of  his volatile mental state.

 Director - Mark Bracamonte
Producer - Lizette Gesuden
Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design - Daniel R Jusino
Assistant Camera - Oliver Jevremov
G/E Swing  - Charles Billot
Production Sound - Louis Gordon
Production Design - Caryn Novak
HMU - Jasmine Greene
VO Artist - Dan Kellmer
Tom Cryan
Megan Lewis
Miranda McCauley

Tom's tinker shop
Miranda getting final direction before we shoot.
The set's looking gorgeous thanks to Caryn Novak and her Art Dept skills
Dan's bathroom rig
The A Cam build.. .there's a c100 buried in there somewhere
window bounce being set
the bottom of the window
Jasmine Green gets her blood rig ready while Lizette Gesuden hangs out
Tom's desk and its creepy style.
Desk elf giving dat side eye.
Tom and our camera rig stare each other down.
Our c100 A Cam rig looking fresh
Mark discussing sound and boom angleswith Louis while Charles goes ham in the grip dept.
Charles acting tall.
Caryn Novak checking over her awesome set design
Dan sets camera for a long shot in a tight room
CHarles sitting in looks almost as insane as our crazy actor Tom!
Dan holding in "Frank the Mannequin for Megan to practice her blocking.
Dan sets camera for Tom's close ups
Dan checking his top lights to see if he's digging the look
Actor Tom Cryan made a minimodel of himself that we hung on the set.
Tom wonders whats for dinner.
Dan and Oliver wait for final blocking before rolling.
Mark going over details with actors Megan and Tom
Jasmine getting all of the blood hoses set for movie magic.
Tom getting our clapper board treatment. take 5?
Charles standing in for that bounce angle.
Charles Billot setting the top light while Dan Jusino stands in.
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